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Why Going Barefoot Can Help Your Overall Movement

  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about foot pain – not only because I am treating one of my athletes for this (among many others with close neighbor chronic ankle sprains), but also because it is an injury I… Continue Reading →

Vitamin D and Bone Health in Athletic Populations

  When I moved from LA to Beijing, one of the first things I found myself missing was the SUN. I missed it for the warmth, the beach and the tennis — but I also missed it for the Vitamin… Continue Reading →

China Welcome Dry Needling with First ConEd Course

This past weekend was the first Functional Dry Needling certification course in China! The course was given by Physical Therapists Edo Zylstra and Jeremy Snyder from Kinetacore. The 3-day Level 1 Training course generally targets experienced medial practitioners who have… Continue Reading →

Previous Injury = #1 Predictor of Injury: Stop the Cycle!

  Everyone knows that the #1 predictor of injury is previous injury. As physical therapists, this hits very close to home because it basically means that we’re not doing our job! And working in high-level athletics just makes this all… Continue Reading →

BWH Meniscus Implant Surgery

Massachusetts resident Rob Price has something extra to be thankful for this holiday. Just before Thanksgiving, Brigham & Women’s (BWH) performed the first meniscus implant operation in New England on Price. So cool! This could truly unlock possibilities to revolutionize… Continue Reading →

UPMC Concussion Conference: Is Rest Not Best?

It’s well into October so for me, that means football season! Although he plays for my favorite team’s conference rival, Carolina Panthers’ Luke Kuechly will always hold a special place in my heart because he is a Boston College Eagle…. Continue Reading →

It’s All About the Bass: Glute Exercises

Mini-band side stepping is a common physical therapy exercise, and one that I do with almost all of my athletes and patients. I believe that efficient sport power and agility are built on a strong foundation of inner core and… Continue Reading →

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