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Barefoot training considerations for martial arts athletes

The barefoot aspect of martial arts is an interesting double edged sword. On one hand, it helps develop extraordinary sensorimotor processing skills from hours of rich input into the foot during training; on the other hand, it leads to injuries… Continue Reading →

My fellow female fighters: Why training like a man may be preventing you from reaching your performance goals

“Women are not small men.” This month the ladies from my gym, Florian Martial Arts, crushed it at the NAGA Northeast Grappling Championships. As the female fighters continue to elevate their performance, I want to share¬†some¬†gender differences in training adaptations… Continue Reading →

Groin Strains in Hockey Players: Hip Check!

Welcome to October, the beginning of hockey season! Growing up loving, playing, and breathing hockey, October is like Christmas. So in honor of the kickoff of the NHL season, I’m going to talk about a really common injury in hockey… Continue Reading →

Rio Olympics: Team China

This week wrapped up the end of the Rio Olympic Games. I want to congratulate all of the athletes, particularly the ones I have worked with so closely in Beijing this year: Sun Yanan, Zhang Fengliu, Zhong Xuechun, and Zhou… Continue Reading →

Perform Better with Jet Lag

Most of the time I really love living in China. And then there are times I don’t – such as when I think I’m ordering one thing at a restaurant and a completely different dish comes out. But mostly it’s… Continue Reading →

Mindful Running: The Secret to My Most Enjoyable Marathon Yet

This past weekend I participated in the 18th running of the Great Wall Marathon in Tianjin, a province north of Beijing. The course was equal parts challenging as it was beautiful, taking runners climbing (or sometimes even crawling) over the… Continue Reading →

Plank to Punches: Importance of Core Work in Combat Training

  Most fighters understand the importance of cross training, strength training, and developing general strength outside of the ring. However, many don’t realize just how integral a role core work can be in force development during specific combat skills. For… Continue Reading →

Rotating Your Running Shoes Decreases Injury Risk

Like anyone had to give me another excuse to buy a new pair of kicks. Embarrassingly, I must admit that the photo at left is what I’ve accumulated IN CHINA with regards to sneakers. Apparently if I wanted to go… Continue Reading →

Control Your Chimp: Secrets to Managing Sport Stress

I just finished the latest book on my reading list, “The Chimp Paradox” by Dr. Steve Peters. It was a quick and interesting read and I encourage you to pick it up. For those who don’t know, Dr. Steve Peters… Continue Reading →

What Happens After Injury Prevention Programs: The Need for Ongoing/Seasonal Implementation

  Injury prevention is always a hot topic in sports given the common goals to maximize performance and minimize playing time lost. To date, there have been a number of studies completed that look at the implementation of different warm-up programs… Continue Reading →

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